• Hands-on tools for science educators

    • Save time in preparing hands-on experiments
    • Focus on working with your students

  • Benefits

    We worked with teachers to develop hands-on tools that support auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

    Timely Feedback


    Know which students need help. Understand their learning progress.



    Meet your funding needs. Purchase or Rent.

    NGSS Based


    Aligned with latest science standards. Develop your students critical thinking and communication skills.

  • C3DO

    Connected 3D Objects

    Combines both REAL and VIRTUAL world



  • Here's what people said after seeing our product...


    STEAM Fest - Boulder County​​

    "The preschool I am working at focus on STEM. This would be a great addition to our tools"


    Creativity Quest - UNCO Greeley

    "Wow, this gives me a chance to experiment with other material than sands. We only did that at our school..."

    School Administrator

    ISTE 2016 Conference

    "My science teachers need to see these tools. They need to start using them in their classroom"